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Mr. Blue
is coming to the former oil capital soon!

Our expected delivery is February 2013. Our car may get keyed or egged by oil enthisiats here in Tulsa, but it is all good. Buying a luxury sedan at this kind of price is not ideal for our family budget however it is important for us to show our children that you vote with your dollars in America. The only vote that really makes a difference in good ole USA. We did find a 7 year amortized loan and we will be putting money down so our payments will be respectable. We also kicked it up at notch in a new business venture to account for the cost of having a car loan. Email me if you would like to know the credit union to go through to get a 7 year loan. When you make a decision to buy an all electric highway ev you no longer send dollars over to the OPEC nations. The cost of war is hard to meansure in dollars however September 11th was in 2001 and it is almost 2013. There is a direct relation to our transportation needs and our interest inthe middle east.

The Tesla model S should be the first public percieved game changer because we not compromising anything except for a little range. Since the average person travels only 40 miles per day it bewilders me how that is a road block for some. The video below starts off with the blue model S color we choose. It will also have a tan interior and obeche gloss on the dash. We choose the 60KW battery so the range will be 230 miles per charge. That is the mid range choice. The car in the video has the 21" wheels however we went with the 19". We did decide to go with the panoramic roof. I figure my young boys would look up in sky and dream big on their way to grandma emmies.

Blind Eyes & Deaf Ears
I really thought this documentary would have made more of an impact on the majority of Americans. By watching this film you see how the big guys are placing their bets on this paradim shift in an industry.  Put it on your netflix list for 2013 or just keep your head in the sand.

Gas Powered Everything Commercial

Design A Model S for Fun!
Motor Trend Car of the Year 2013

Latest EV Videos and Links:

Extended Range FULL size Electric Trucks, SUV's, & Vans

Dear Mr. Obama,  There needs to be a large tax credit for these vehciles.  3 cent tax per gallon on gasoline to pay for the tax credit.  70% tax credit in the first year, 60% tax credit in the second year, 50% tax credit in the 3rd year, etc...  This gives incentive for people to buy them now.

"If every family in America would average 40 mpg with combined vehicle use then we would almost cut our use of oil in half"

model S Full size luxury sedan/ 7 people or 8?

                                                                         MODEL X Revealed on  Feb 16, 2012

Helping the World Move Towards Energy Freedom

Our Apparel Link: Mission:

The Promotion of Full Size Highway Speed Electric Vehicles & Homes/ Buildings with Energy Efficiency combined with the best renewable technology for creating energy.

Tom Hanks Electric Car & Driving Scion Conversion is promoting the solution
 for True Energy Independence and personal independence from the grid and gas station.  Picture a world if you will where you have solar panels on your home and you have a regular sized highway speed electric vehicle being charged in your garage.  We are promoting that solution by raising awareness about what is already out in the market and by really getting people to consider a positive solution.

"I believe it's time to promote the industry that can speed up the American economy and give us True Energy Independence.  If not now then when?  As you will learn, the technology is here and it's simply a matter of education and inspiration." Andrew Nelson, founder

I had the logo created to promote awareness and to spark thoughts to all that wear and see the apparel to further advance conversation and education about the exciting and innovative industry that provides a great solution for America.  You can choose to be a part of the solution by simply buying a shirt or hat to help promote the industry to friends, neighbors, and others.   I will be making many changes over the next year and adding many fun slogans and shirt designs, so feel free to bookmark this site and come back to for the latest updates and thrills.  Thank You For Visiting and feel free to click on the cafepress link to view designs.

Current Highway Speed Electric

Build the Brand and they will Come! 
Be a part of the Solution

Vehicles & Major Players:

Highway Speed All Electric Vehicle companies

Luxury Sedan & Sports Car


Mid Size Trucks

Affordable!  Cross Over Car
5 passanager & 100 miles per charge

Utility Vans & Trucks

Motor Cycles

Non Highway Speed Shuttle Vans
The size is there however the range & top spped on this needs to be improved

All Electric Conversion Companies

Mustangs & vintage porsches

more conversion companies coming soon


Coming Soon!

Causes That Matter:
It's all about clean energy
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EV Education!!! THIS is Great!  Education from a guy doing it Hans solo style in his garage in the Midwest/ Missouri

       Luxury Sedan that seats 7 

    Tesla Model S

               At the end of 2009 laid out the deposit to buy the Model S to lead by example and to support Tesla.  I will be receiving a silver one just like this one in the picture.  It is currently scheduled to arrive in late 2012.  It should be great to promote excitement about the capabilites and size of a highway speed electric vehicle.

Miles ev and Phoenix Motors are two more relatively unknown makers of all electric regular sized highway speed vehicles.  Miles ev is coming out with a regular sized sedan and Phoenix motors has a mid size truck.


     Miles ev Sedan                                Phoenix Motors Truck



An Easy Way to
Be A Part of the Solution! 

If you really want to be involved in promoting this new emerging industry then your action to buy a shirt with the logo is a great step.  It is a action of greatness that shows you have a social, community, and enviromental conscious.

Click on the Online Store link on the right to view shirt designs.  Help support the answer by simply buying a shirt or hat. 


Highway Speed Electric Vehicles

The above image is coming soon to our online store.

Currently, the key is highway speed, regular sized, electric vehicles with a 100 plus mile range.


We need individuals promoting and providing good quality information and education about Highway Speed Electric Vehicles in a fun yet thought provoking way.

Here are some of the famous people that have put their money and reputation where their mouth is to promote the EV industry:

Tom Hanks
- Actor, director, producer -  He has appeared on the David Letterman show to promote electric vehicles and he owns a converted highway speed electric vehicle

Elon Musk -  Billionaire Entrepreneur who sold Pay Pal to eBay and started Space X and Tesla Motors -  Tesla produces the much acclaimed Tesla Roadster - the all EV sports car.  It's sexy and impressive.

Alexandra Paul - Former "Baywatch" actress - She joined the monthlong vigil at a GM facility in Burbank, CA, home to 78 Highway Speed electric vehicles and she was arrested along with others for the protest.  She tried to block freight trucks hauling off the last of the EV's.

What is True Energy Independence? 
On television you will hear the talking heads and politicians go on and on about Energy Independence.  Well their view of Energy Independence has many flaws and lack of focus and perspective.  Consider a world if you will, where you live in a house that is very energy efficient and it has solar panels on the south side of your roof.  In your garage you have a plug in for your Highway Speed Electric Vehicle.  Your solar panels produce enough energy to run your house and charge your car.  That is True Energy Independence.  Oh by the way, there are thousands of people in California and around the world that already live this way.   

Tesla Roadster
100% electric
0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds
244 miles per charge
Pennies per mile

How can the Electric Vehicle Industry speed up or save the American economy? 
The emerging EV industry can save our economy because it will create new jobs in a global trillion dollar industry with a strong future with a lot of room to grow.  Although I like many of the body types of our current automobiles, the days are numbered with combustion engines, because it is an inferior product with a lot of drawbacks.  The Highway Speed Electric Vehicle Industry will create an economic boom that is similar to what happened during the Dotcom boom.  It can be that big and prosperous for our economy.  It certainly can lead us out of this mess.  America needs to be the leader with this opportunity or else some other country will get that advantage.

What steps can we take now to get more people to see what these vehicles can do instead of focusing on what they can't do?

Step 1  - A little education.
  This site will provide easy ways to communicate and understand the big picture of the Highway Speed Electric Vehicles and the Industry. will also act as a portal for other sites on EV's. 

Step 2 - A big part of the solution.  The actual promotion of Highway Speed Electric Vehicles.  The media up to this point has done a poor job at best so why not promote the right information ourselves.  I have linked this site to cafe press and I have come up with fun and thought provoking shirts and hats that will help promote Highway Speed Electric Vehicles.

Step 3 - Living the example.  You actually buy a hybrid or full Highway Speed Electric Vehicle and start living the example of True Energy Independence.  It is not only a patriotic thing to do but in the long run you will feel great about your contribution to the solution.

What about Range?  What if I couldn't drive from Tulsa to Dallas in one day?  With the current batteries that are used in the Highway Speed Electric Vehicles your range would be between 120 miles to 260 miles per charge.  This range will improve as the industry grows and more great engineering minds work on battery technology and technology of the vehicles.  However, our current 100 plus mile range does make them fully functional in the following solution.  If you are a single person with only one car then your best solution currently is to have a hybrid or even better a plug-in hybrid vehicle.  If you have more than one car in your family, then you could have a hybrid for the long trips and a full electric vehicle for almost all other daily usage.

Did you Know Fun Facts:

Less Moving Parts, Less Maintenance - Highway Speed Electric Vehicles have one-seventh the moving parts, so things are far less likely to break down compared to combustion engine vehicles. 

Pure Speed and Torque - Many of the Highway Speed Electric Vehicles can go from 0 - 60 mph in less than 4 seconds.  They can beat almost all high-end sports cars in a quarter mile.  It's because of the torque of the electric motor.

Longevity of the Vehicles - Highway Speed Electric vehicles internals are projected to last up to 1 million miles.  Since the Highway Speed Electric Vehicle has a longevity that is 5x's longer, why not have a 7 or 8 year amortization loan on the vehicles.

GM's Infinite Wisdom - GM is making the Chevy Volt with a range of 40 miles.  According to GM's studies 80% of the people drive less than 40 miles per day.  Well if that is the case then at least 80% of the people with education from good marketing and a good sales person would be willing to buy a full EV.

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